Larger advertisers aren’t exactly abandoning traditional forms of media for cheaper, more targeted digital media. But they are, however, skimming dollars from large mass-media budgets to support a well-established presence in search and social media, in addition to funding experimentation in emerging audio and video opportunities. Read more

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If watching television were a job, it would be nearly a full-time gig for the average American adult. Nielsen reports the typical adult (18+) spent 35 hours and 31 minutes a week watching some form of television during the second quarter. Read more

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Despite the rise in mortgage interest rates this year, Fannie Mae reports that its 2018 Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) increased in the month of November by 0.5 points to 86.2. Fannie Mae’s analysts say rising interest rates are being countered by rising incomes and Americans’ confidence in their employment stability. Read more

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Most small-business owners surveyed by GfK for Bank of America are expecting to close out 2018 with year-over-year revenue growth. What’s more, the enthusiasm continues for 2019 in the semi-annual survey, with more small businesses indicating they have plans to hire and expand in 2019. Read more

Local news, the bread and butter of local television, remains where most adults prefer to get updates on what’s happening in their communities. In fact, just-released data from Pew Research shows a preference for TV has edged up during the past two years. The latest survey shows 47 percent of adults prefer watching the news, up a point from 2016’s survey. Read more

Rather than dropping a couple of percentage points as analysts had expected, U.S. sales of cars and light trucks declined only slightly in November. With only one month remaining in 2018, the industry is on track to post its fourth straight year of sales above 17 million units. Also, the average transaction price year-over-year was up yet again. Read more

Newly launched Over-the-Top (OTT) digital video services are increasingly ubiquitous. The number that’s emerged during the past four years with an ad-based business model is seven. Another 92 are subscription-based, and 23 offer both options. Read more

In a year packed with not only a Winter Olympics and midterm elections, 2018 was sure to be robust. And the local advertising market is likely to continue expanding in 2019, according to Borrell Associates, which forecasts total local ad spending to increase 1.3 percent to $128 million in the coming year. But Borrell also believes it will be a year of diverging fates. Read more

Television basked in the glow of political advertising last month as the industry absorbed a record amount of political spending. But even with the crowding of the dial with campaign ads, core television revenue increased 4 percent in October. That’s an uptick from a flat September, according to a UBS analysis of Standard Media Index data. Read more

Look for marketing budgets to increase in 2019 after holding steady in 2018. A survey of chief marketing officers (CMOs) by Gartner finds 63 percent expect budgets to grow next year. The report also reveals CMOs are growing ever more confident in their investments in marketing technology, innovation and personalization. Read more

Auto dealers may be eyeing digital media more than ever, but a new report from Nielsen offers fresh evidence for why broad-reach media like television and radio should remain an integral part of their media plans. It shows while brand recall works in digital’s favor as a buying decision draws closer, it’s largely up to traditional media to build that awareness in the first place. Read more

The numbers are in, and they’re history-making. A record $5.25 billion was spent on advertising on the 2018 midterm elections, making it the richest midterm contest ever, according to an analysis by Kantar Media. Read more

Cord-cutting reduced pay-TV subscription counts in Q3 by the greatest number ever seen in a single quarter, as tallied by Leichtman Research Group (LRG). And while Internet-delivered virtual MVPDs added subscribers, those additions didn’t come close to replacing the losses by traditional MVPDs. Read more

Six local television station groups have reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice over what the government alleges were “systematic” exchanges of national and local pacing data and other forms of non-public “competitively sensitive” sales information. Read more

New research by Brightcove shows how much video advertising drives consumer purchases. Seventy-six percent of consumers report they’ve purchased a product or service after viewing a video. That shoots even higher, to 85 percent, for Millennials aged 18-34. Read more

MediaPost says the Association of National Advertisers has issued a follow-up report to last month’s member missive confirming an FBI/U.S. Attorney’s Office probe into possible fraudulent conduct in the media-buying sector. Read more

There’s little doubt the television business is changing. But TV may not be changing as rapidly as everyone thinks. “There is a difference between lack of new life and impending death,” says ad conglomerate GroupM, the WPP-owned parent of media-buying shops including Mindshare and MediaCom. Read more

The monthly report from CoreLogic shows that U.S. home prices were up again in September — from the previous month and versus a year ago. Home prices increased nationally by 5.6 percent year-over-year from September 2017. On a month-over-month basis, prices increased by 0.4 percent in September. Read more

The U.S. economy may not have played a big role in how Americans voted yesterday, but experts say it’ll be a key factor in why holiday retail sales experience the most growth since 2011. The result, eMarketer says, is a first-ever trillion-dollar season. The firm sees total retail sales increasing 5.8 percent from last year to $1.002 trillion. Read more

The latest consumer research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG) finds that about 78 percent of TV households nationwide subscribe to some form of pay-TV service. That’s still a strong majority, but the trend continues to be downward. Read more

Just hours to go before Election Day and campaign ads are flooding television airwaves coast to coast. Experts say the question now isn’t whether political ad dollars will be big this year, but rather just how enormous the tally will be when the dust settles. Read more

Despite the growth of online and mobile video, a new forecast from Strategy Analytics sees television still claiming 80 percent of global spending on video advertising in 2023. Despite double-digit annual growth, the forecast says digital video will represent only 20 percent of video ad spending worldwide five years out. Read more

There’s been a lot of talk from the TV networks about trimming ad loads and encouraging the use of six-second spots. But for all the chatter, the commercial minutes keep adding up. In a just-released analysis of the 2017-2018 broadcast season Standard Media Index says :30-second ad loads didn’t shrink but rather grew 4% bigger. Read more

A report by Chain Store Age says retailers will enjoy brisk economic activity in 2019. A strong labor market should continue to inspire liberal spending, while a robust business climate fuels higher corporate profits. At the same time, economists are starting to see early signs of an inevitable correction. Read more

The days of Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show tucking Americans into bed at night may be long over, but the number of adults who say a television is the last screen they typically see before bedtime remains fairly steady. Read more

For the sixth straight year, Apple is No. 1 and Google No. 2 on the annual global rankings of brand value by Interbrand. The fastest-growing brand in the 2018 Best Global Brands report is Amazon, claiming third place in the rankings. Read more

The pool of advertising dollars remains deep in the local market end of the media business. That’s according to a new survey of 1,500 local advertisers by BIA Advisory Services finds that across the board the average company spends about two-thirds of its marketing budget on tried-and-true local advertising. Read more

It’s no secret that television’s hold on automotive advertising dollars is being challenged like never before. A just-released survey from Borrell Associates finds that broadcast TV still gets the biggest allocation of budget. Borrell said the average dealer spends $108,747 on broadcast TV each year, and $89,263 on cable TV. Read more

After predicting in January that the Big 3 SVOD companies—Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video— analyst Brad Schlachter at The Diffusion Group (TDG) says the “content arms race” has only continued to escalate. Read more

Residential wireline companies—including pay-TV, broadband Internet and telephone service—that focus on finding newer, more effective ways of communicating with customers have driven the increase of customer satisfaction in the latest surveys by J.D. Power. Read more

Longtime marketing executive and sales trainer Jim Doyle, founder of Jim Doyle Associates, has some straight talk for local television sales professionals: There’s pain ahead for the auto industry, and you need to act before it becomes your own. Read more

MarTech Today says traditional television is still a favored medium for branding and for its capacity to drive emotional impact. But it hasn’t had the benefit of precise audience data, targeting and measurement capabilities. Read more

Nielsen and comScore are still television’s common vernacular, but TV reps will soon be speaking a lot more measurement languages if executives at this year’s Advertising Week are correct. They told the New York conference this week that new ways to measure and sell television are coming soon. Read more