Moms, for all the things they’re juggling, still find an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day for television. Edison Research’s annual Moms and Media report shows that only the internet gets more of mom’s time each day, clocking in at two minutes shy of four hours. “The internet is showing its media dominance,” said Edison Research VP Melissa DeCesare during a webinar yesterday. “Moms are spending 24 more minutes daily with the internet in 2019 than 2018.”

That comes into focus when their feet hit the floor each day. When asked which media they’re most likely to use first each morning, 55 percent of moms said the internet. Television was second at 23 percent, followed by radio at 18 percent. Speaking of mornings, Edison notes half of moms use an alarm clock to wake up, while 12 percent said someone wakes them up — a husband or kids.