It’s said the first place a recession shows up is on Main Street, and the news from Average Town, USA is good for local broadcasters. A just-released survey from BIA Advisory Services shows 35.2% of local businesses plan to increase their advertising spending 2019. That’s on top of the 55.3% who plan to keep ad budgets just where they were last year. A mere 5.2% plan to reduce spending according to the research which is based on information collected from a sample of 1,500 businesses nationwide.

For local TV sellers one of the more noteworthy data points released from BIA’s U.S. SAM Survey is what’s inside the mind of retailers who are facing disruption as shoppers shift online. BIA says among that segment of local businesses nearly two-thirds (63.9%) plan to hold ad spending steady this year. And a quarter (24.3%) expects to increase their marketing. Only one in ten thinks they’ll pull back in 2019. In TV’s ever-important auto category, the survey found 45.1% of local auto businesses said they plan to increase ad spending in 2019 while another 47.2% said they’ll maintain budgets at 2018 levels.